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Welcome to Siobhan Byrne Therapy

Siobhan Byrne is a Therapist, Relationship/Parent Mentor and Accredited family, civil and commercial mediator, with a degree in Relationship Studies together with her Parent Mentoring qualification.

U.C.C. Accredited
Fully accredited member: The Irish Association of Relationship Mentors

You may have heard of therapy or counselling from friends or colleagues but are unsure of what to expect. Therapy gives you a safe space to talk and really be listened to without judgement or blame.

"I see Siobhan also on a One to One basis and she has been a constant support through some very challenging times in my personal life. I would recommend Siobhan to anyone who wants to talk with a very compassionate and wise person."
Margaret Frawley
Siobhan Byrne Therapy & Counselling in Dublin

Siobhan Byrne featured in
The Irish Independent - 16.06.14

Learning to Manage Those Terrible Teens

Little did mother-of-three Siobhan Byrne realise that when she signed up for a parenting course, she would set out on the path of a new career as a therapist.

Introduction to me


“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”  — Maya Angelou

One to One Therapy

It explores issues and patterns of behaviour giving rise to new perspectives and choices. It enables you to take action for yourself, making life calmer and happier in your family, friendships and workplace.


Individual Session: €80

Couple Session: €120

Sessions via Skype both Nationally & Internationally are available.

“goodbye fear and control, hello heart and soul”  — Lance Secretan

Mid-Life and Beyond

You may be experiencing difficulties in some of the following areas: Relationship challenges, caring for close relatives, family problems, ill-health, mid-life crises, menopause, redundancy, bereavement. Any one of the above can cause stress. Perhaps you feel ‘stuck’. Giving yourself permission to seek help is the first step towards positive change. One to One Therapy, one hour session: fee €80.

At Siobhan Byrne Therapy we offer help in:

  • Developing Effective and Enlightened Parenting
  • Improving Communication
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Improving Emotional Wellbeing
  • Personal/Professional Development
  • Workshops/Seminars – Accessing your inner potential to build resilience and healthier relationships
  • Courses/Seminars for Organisations



Time: 10.30 – 12.30
Dates: Friday May 24th (further dates to be added)

How is it we find it so hard to give ourselves permission to live our own lives?

 ‘Braving the Elements’ – Difficult Conversations with ourselves and others.
If the airwaves have been noisy, when we begin to tune in we hear the truth loud and clear.
Are you struggling to hold your voice. If you experience rejection do you think the other person’s behaviour is about you?
Every so often it is time to bring ourselves into a new conversation.
I hope you can join me, please txt or email to confirm a place.

The most important issue is REALIZATION not PERSONALISATION. I can find resolution for myself without causing hurt to the other person.

How is it we find that so difficult to believe?
The reason is that 90% of human behaviour is unconscious.

‘Rather than trying to create a reality, freedom comes when we discover how to show up for reality’ -Mary O’Malley

Join me at FLOURISH to explore the possible blocks to FREEDOM.
Flourish is a group I facilitate for clients and former course attendees.


The second Tuesday of every month (Next Retreat Tuesday May 14th) –  Evening 8-9:30pm

Retreat is a space of reflection, meditation and inspiration bringing us in touch with that inner knowing of what is right for us. So often we ignore that knowing in favour of the ‘advice’ from outside. Staying connected with our intuition and guidance is a daily practice.

The workbook exercises from a course in miracles are the daily workout so that in times of stress our knowing doesn’t desert us.

‘When you realise how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky’ – Buddha

For more information on A Course in Miracles, see the video below.


Own Oxygen Mask First

Enhance and enrich our relationships in the workplace, home and family. Through a variety of 8 week courses, develop the skills and tools to deal with the fears and challenges in our lives, empowering us to respond to every situation in a more effective manner.

Siobhan specialises in dealing with Teenage and Young Adulthood issues , through to mid-life and beyond. Courses provide practical, useful information for parents as well as everyday examples to help us unravel the stress, fear and confusion which can arise at times of great upheaval.

“Heard about the courses from a friend, I found the course excellent. It has helped me to confront issues I have been suppressing for a long time and has started me on a long road I needed to travel. Thanks so much.”


Teenage Courses

The only control you have over your teenager is the quality of the relationship you have with them.

  • Communication – the life blood of the family
  • Negotiating Differences
  • Handling Conflict
  • Creating quality relationships and trust with your teenager
  • Enjoying Your Teenagers
“Siobhan Byrne excels both as a One to One Therapist and a Course Facilitator. Siobhan encouraged me to look at myself in a way I have never done before, at 54 years of age I really did not believe there could be so much I had not addressed and could still learn. As a Course Facilitator, Siobhan delivers her message through ‘Real Life’ examples and draws significantly on her own life experiences, this makes understanding and identification with topics discussed so much easier.”
Naomi Shipley


Adult Courses

Living Wholeheartedly – Flourishing Adults cannot afford to wait for others to make the world a safe place for them to be themselves. It’s not what happens to you, it is how you respond to it. Bring a fresh perspective and understanding to all of the relationships of our lives.

  • Difficult Conversations
  • Unresolved Issues
  • Ageing Parents
  • Boomerang Children
  • Stressful Situations and Relationships

The above courses are also available through one to one sessions for individuals or couples.

“Siobhan’s courses are thoroughly enjoyable, always a wonderful bunch of people, and I invariably come away feeling uplifted and seeing things from a different angle and in a more positive light. The more I understand and learn about human behaviour, the easier it becomes to navigate everyday life.”
Emma Fraser


Siobhan regularly delivers talks on all aspects of parenting ‘Parenting the Parent’

Talks on Living Wholeheartedly: By looking at what gets in the way, we can begin to notice that how we feel about ourselves and our wellbeing has a direct impact on our performance in the workplace. In the longest running longitudinal study in history by Harvard University, the most important factor most often referred to is ‘the correlation between the warmth of your relationships and your health and happiness’. It is also the greatest determinant of success. Siobhan also facilitates a monthly support group for clients called ‘FLOURISH’.

“Loved the Talk – Parenting Self and Children – found it hugely helpful for all the relationships in the family. Went along with just one purpose in mind and came away with many.”  — Elaine


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