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FLOURISH – Are you energy efficient???

Everything we do is infused with the energy with which we do it. If we are frantic life will be frantic, if we’re peaceful, life will be peaceful. – Marianne Williamson.

Our internal state determines our experience of our lives, our experience does not determine our internal state.

So much of our energy is focused ‘out there’, doing, getting to the next whatever, peace is not ‘out there’. It is in here, available to us in any moment that we choose.

One of the biggest drains of our energy is resistance to accepting either ourselves or life situations exactly as they are in this moment causing great suffering. The situation remains the same but our ability to deal with it becomes depleted.

Alternatively, it is the fuel to go OUT THERE and find someone else or something else, that will give me or show me the value I cannot see in myself.

The freedom most people seek is not from their life situations but from internal bondage, the narrative in their head. We’ve built the prison and the key to leave is in our own hands.

As children we need adults to make the world safe for us, as adults we need to make the world safe for ourselves.

I look forward to seeing you at Flourish, if you are planning to come, you might let me know the day before.

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