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FLOURISH – FRIDAY 19TH MAY 10.30-12.30.

One to One Counselling

Hi everyone,

Please feel free to invite a friend to our May Flourish.

‘If you spend your life being someone else, who is going to be you?’

A client recently shared that ‘a long time ago, she decided she was going to be friends with everyone, for a quiet life. Her question now is why do we always have to pretend and not be yourself? When asked what she thought the answer might be, she replied: ‘other people won’t accept us if we’re ourselves.’

That is the difficulty with conforming, everybody likes you, except yourself. Marianne Williamson says; ‘The more we live, the more we realize that the failure of others to love us the way we wish they would is as unintentional as our own failures. Who among us isn’t doing the best we’re capable of given the understanding we’ve got?’

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Every thought takes you either to heaven – an awareness of our oneness or to hell – anxiety, paranoia or depression.

The unhappiness in your life is actually due to what your conditioned mind is telling you about your life situation.

Join me on Friday 19th May to see how your beliefs impact on all areas of your life. Flourish is open to clients and former course attendees and on this occasion to your invited friend.
If you intend to bring along a friend kindly let me know by May 11th.

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