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Flourish 23rd March 2018 – Social Compliance

Hi everyone,
Social compliance can and does significantly affect so many of our choices and decisions unconsciously.
We ignore our story of how and why we dare to differ.
‘To know that  we even know what do we do not know and that what we do not know frequently makes life choices for us, can be a shattering and humbling revelation.’
                                                                                   – James Hollis
The reasons are many and varied both individual and cultural. These choices may be from trivial to extreme, depending on the context. It may appear that it is easier to go along and that it takes enormous courage to buck the system.
‘We avoid dialogue with ourselves, the only person present in all the scenes of our story.’
Identifying the people and places where we ‘let things go’, can be very helpful in addressing patterns, reactions and defences.
‘Your inner core determines how clearly you see and perceive, what you select as important, and the quality of your judgments , decisions, and relationships.’
I hope you can join me on March 23rd to explore in the safety and sanctuary that is FLOURISH, how and why we live unlived lives.
If possible I suggest you watch a documentary on Netflix on Social Compliance, called The Push by Derren Brown, as it provides great insights into just how far we can be pushed.
Warmest wishes,


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